Elektron Data Platform - Early Access APIs

API Description

Elektron Data Platform provides simple web based API access to a broad range of Thomson Reuters content. These APIs are currently in an Early Access program for customer validation before a full launch later 2018.

The following services are currently available as part of early access:

  • Environment, Social and Governance
    • Universe - List if instruments in the ESG Universe
    • Basic - Basic view of ESG content 
    • Scores - All Scores information 
    • Measures - All Measures information 
  • Symbology
    • Convert - Convert a symbol or list of symbols from a specified input type to a specified output type
    • Lookup - Lookup all symbology information for a symobl or list of symbols
  • Research
    • Alerts
    • Document retrieval 
  • News
    • Alerts
    • Headline search
    • Story retrieval
  • Price History
    • Intra-day trades and quotes

More content and services will be added as the program progresses. To participate, please contact your Thomson Reuters account executive.