Indirect Tax API Family


Thomson Reuters comprehensive, tax-content driven determination software has the expertise to deliver a true enterprise-wide global solution which integrates into any of your existing systems. Whether you need an integration to your business, e-commerce, or financial system, ONESOURCE Indirect Tax offers you the freedom and flexibility to do this leveraging our open integration architecture. Quickly and easily build integrations with our financial system using our SOAP based web services with our cloud based software that provides precision and control of your tax processes all around the world.


Thomson Reuters designed its ERP integrations to connect ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Determination to all business applications that require transaction tax automation. This includes fully supported, certified integrations to Oracle and SAP, and cloud-based integrations to finance and invoicing applications such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics AX, and NetSuite. The integration of the ONESOURCE Indirect Tax application with your business systems ensures consistent and accurate tax calculation and reporting. Whether you choose to implement our software solution or leverage our cloud-based tax automation, all enterprise-wide applications can use a single, scalable instance of ONESOURCE Indirect Tax and still deliver business-specific tax policy across multiple business systems.
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