TR Knowledge Graph


A graph network of 2 billion relationships brings to life a comprehensive view of the financial ecosystem so that users can uncover new, unexpected, or difficult to find insights from connected data.


The Thomson Reuters Knowledge Graph feed is a linked data feed of Thomson Reuters financial content sets with a pre-identified set of relationships, helping you to uncover previously undetected connections within and across data sets. It is a means of organizing, representing, and linking complex and diverse data types. The feed comprises of objects and relations between those objects, such as organizations, people, financial instruments and value chains. 

With Thomson Reuters Knowledge Graph feed you have the ability to start incorporating Thomson Reuters content as part of your bigger Institutional knowledge graph – connecting your data world to Thomson Reuters data and 3rd party data. Graphs can also be easily connected to other graphs as long as the graph databases share some common standards – typically around how entities (like people or companies) and relationships are represented.

Solve Business Challenges with Thomson Reuters Knowledge graph feed solution:

  • Improve productivity of your Investment research function by enabling discovery of previously undetected relationships between entities, persons and events which have the potential to affect alpha.
  • Improve Business development and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems through rich integration of internal, Thomson Reuters and third party data enabling a graph network of sales leads and connections to be mapped out.